New Driver Gift Ideas

While the day your teen gets their license is a banner day, no matter what you do to make it special, it's fun to celebrate the milestone and treat the day like the big deal it is! Yes, the obligatory photo holding the freshly printed card to post on social media is fun, but a friend of mine with a sixteen year old showed me what she'd done for her son, and I knew I had to steal that idea! 

When he came home from the DMV, newly official and legal behind the wheel, waiting for him wasn't a new car, but a "bouquet" his mom had made for him, similar to a fruit or candy bouquet, or even a diaper cake. She'd taken a black bucket, decorated with road signs, and stuffed it with:

Car cleaning wipes
A towel
Car wash supplies
Air fresheners
A tire gauge
A key chain
An ice scraper 
A few air fresheners
A flashlight
A car charger
Gum, mints and candy
A gas gift card

It took a great day for him and really put it over the top that this milestone was so celebrated. While some might think it was a little overdone, I know it really made the day something he'd remember!